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    In 2016, the SAMFS World Police & Fire Games Club wanted to pursue a brand new look for the calendar. After taking on board feedback from past campaigns, we wanted to include greater diversity in this year's shoot. In order to bring our vision to life Megan and Jess came on board to bring a fresh perspective from behind the lens. 

    Megan joined our team as chief photographer for the 2017/18 South Australian Firefighters Calendar. Her energy and artistic style was integral to capturing the individual personality of each firefighter. Her natural fun loving character put our nervous Firefighters at ease and brought out their best.
    Jess came on board as assistant photographer. Her quirky personality, which we all grew to love, gave us an increased artistic angle on each theme that broadened and presented a myriad of options. Being close friends for a numbers of years, Jess & Megan bond together like bricks and mortar, its a privilege to watch these two young professionals effortlessly bring life to a blank canvas.  


    We are forever indebted to have stumbled across such amazing women who have contributed to making this South Australian icon reach new heights. We would like to extend our utmost gratitude to Megan and Jess, not only for their tireless work ethic but also their infectious zest for life. Without them we would be trying to raise funds just by selling our camera!


    Hi! I’m Megan - Lover of life, princess of positivity and creator of Out of the Box Photography.

    In 2016 I joined the South Australian Fireman’s Calendar team as chief photographer for the 2017/18 calendar.

    My specialty is creating lasting memories during on-location lifestyle photography for families, kids and couples.

    I’m used to 2 year-olds flashing their belly buttons at me, but photographing topless firies was a whole new ball-game!

    My little business is almost 6 years old and it’s been the most amazing time of my life. I have always been the one at family gatherings snapping away to capture all the action, but I never got really serious about photography until my niece was born in March 2010. That’s when it all changed and now you rarely see me without the camera in my hands (my 8 month old son is possibly the most photographed little person on the planet!)

    I am mostly self-taught, letting my passion guide me, but early on I studied at the Centre for Creative Photography and still to this day, participate in numerous courses with premier photographers from around the world via training and mentoring sessions. I continue to learn and grow so the fun never stops.

    I have found the most incredible joy in photographing people of all ages. My aim is to capture precious photographs of people in the most natural, un-posed way possible. I’m passionate about telling stories. Stories that can be shared for generations to come.

    When I was approached by the team to get involved with the Hall of Flame calendar Thomas was only 8 weeks old and taking up every spare second I had, but something told me this was an opportunity I couldn’t miss and I’m thrilled I did!

    Donating my time to support the fireies that work tirelessly to keep us safe has been one of the best decisions I’ve made. The team were awesome to work with and it gave me a much-needed creative space to play in outside of motherhood.

    Seeing my images printed and the calendars being sold on stands right around South Australia gives me a huge buzz!

    The biggest of thank yous to the team for giving me this awesome opportunity.


    I'm Jess, and what makes me come alive is capturing moments in time with my camera.

    My photos are about bringing out the beauty that is already there. There's no need to create a moment when the moment in front of you is so beautiful to begin with. I guess my photography style is very much just my personality coming through; emotive, fun and honest. But there's more to me than photography...

    I am Adelaide based but was born in France - I have two girls, one is the splitting image of me, and the other of her father - I met the love of my life as 21 - If you give me cheese I'll be your friend forever - Radiohead is the greatest band to ever walk this earth - I desperately want a pet hedgehog - It takes me a lot of self-restraint to not get on the dance floor of weddings I shoot - Swings are the only "rides" I can handle - I try to see the good in everyone and the beauty in the day to day - People say I'm a dreamer... but I'm a dreamer that makes her dreams come to life - I could watch repeats of Seinfeld forever - Nothing beats travelling, Iceland being the most incredible place I have been so far.

    At Mapleberry Photography our passion is in photographing people in as natural a way as possible. Our style is laid back and fun which produces stunning photos.

    When asked to join this team in producing one of South Australia's iconic pieces, which in turn supports the Woman's & Children's Hospital of Adelaide, I was immediately hooked. Stepping outside of my usual subject attire, not limited to any boundaries and to do it alongside one of my best friends - I can't wait to do it all again for 2019!

    Thank you again to our amazing little crew, it was all worth it.