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    The newest member to the South Australian Firefighters Calendar team is none other than renowned Adelaide photographer Jessica Clark!

    Jess's unabashed enthusiasm is only matched by her award winning photographic prowess from behind the lens. Her recruitment is a real coup for the club and has brought about a fresh new look to the 2019 calendar. Her innovative ideas took our firefighters out of their comfort zone to produce some spectacular results. Jess's easygoing nature, her hilarious methods of relaxing anxious firefighters and her down right lovely personality made shooting this year's calendar an absolute hoot!
    Seen here in her natural habitat on the set of the 2019 South Australian Firefighters Calendar at Port Adelaide.  


    Jess's thoughts on shooting the 2019 South Australian Firefighters Calendar:

    When I was first contacted by the calendar committee about photographing their 2019 edition, the subject line in their email said 'you, half-naked firemen, and your camera...'? My first response to them was, "you had me at 'half-naked firemen'".

    I've certainly photographed a lot of different things in my career so far, but never something like this before, and holy heck, was I keen or what.

    The weeks leading up to the calendar shoots were spent dreaming of baby oil, Calvin Klein knickers, fake tan and those glorious red suspenders. I literally had dozens of people offer to self-sacrifice their time (and first-borns) in order to come onto the set and 'assist' me with the shoot. Nice of them, hey?

    Had there been sufficient budget for the calendar to have an 'official' soundtrack, it would almost certainly contain songs from the likes of: Grace Jones, Marvin Gaye, Ginuwine (DUH), Village People (DUH), and others of course.

    You know what? In lieu of anything remotely official, as a budget work-around, why don't you just go check out the unofficial playlist I've put together on Spotify. (You can thank me later.)

    Direct link:

    ON FIRE 2019 - The *UNOFFICIAL UNAUTHORISED* soundtrack of the 2019 South Australian Firefighters Calendar

    I expected to have an extremely fun time on this shoot. I assumed it would be a little bit raucous, light hearted and tongue-in-cheek. Turns out, this shoot was SO. MUCH. FUN. We laughed A LOT. So much so that I, at times, had to call to question my pelvic floor stability (necessitating an increase in the frequency of my attendance to pilates classes). The shoot certainly lived up to my expectations - but it also exceeded them in an unexpected way.

    What didn't I expect? Somehow in all the excitement and furore I neglected to anticipate just how absolutely lovely these men are.

    It is crazy actually, the men featured in this calendar are no doubt ridiculously good looking (duh), but what's more impressive is their genuine care of the people around them. Not only did I see firsthand the mateship and camaraderie between them all, but also was a little bit floored by the downright kindness, respect, and friendship they showed to me. And what's more, is that every day when they go to work, they're putting themselves at risk for people like me and you. For our stuff, for our cats that get stuck in trees (which I found out is an ACTUAL thing they get called out for), for our homes, our businesses, and our lives. These men are not professional models, they are real deal firefighters. They are actual heroes.

    I had a really bloody good time working with this bunch of dedicated, kind and hilarious men. And I hope that when you look at all the pictures in the calendar, you can really tell.


    South Australian Firefighters Calendar - Jessica Clark Photography South Australian Firefighters Calendar - Jessica Clark Photography South Australian Firefighters Calendar - Jessica Clark Photography


    Jess and a breathtaking portfolio of her work can be found at www.jessicaclark.com.au